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We are Modern Concrete Designz, a company dedicated to the decorative concrete industry. Currently we offer Decorative Concrete services to Little Rock, AR and surrounding areas. We offer just about anything decorative concrete and strive to offer our customers a superior product and service. From commercial to residential we can meet your decorative concrete needs.
Whether you are looking to give your old grey concrete a makeover, or you are building your dream home and decorative concrete is on your list, we are the right people for the job!!! With only professionally trained workers on the job you will get the best decorative concrete has to offer. 
Concrete has become the most desirable flooring option among home and business owners alike. This is probably due to the fact that it's; beautiful, easy to clean, durable, allergen free, green, and 100% customizable. We offer competitive pricing and unmatched quality in our concrete floors to the Little Rock, AR. area.
Modern Concrete Designz has an array of services when it comes to decorative concrete. Whether your concrete is brand new or is many years old, we have just the right thing to give it the look you desire.    If you have concrete we can make it beautiful! Anything from pool decks, driveways, to interior floors your concrete has potential you may never knew existed. We are passionate about our work and love  creating masterpieces everyday, take a look around our site, if you see something you like or would like to know what we could do with your concrete just call or e-mail and we will gladly respond. THANKS!!!!
   Quickly Becoming the most desirable flooring option available, stained concrete has low maintenance, is completely customizable, and surprisingly affordable. Many different techniques such as multiple colors, scoring lines in the concrete, patterns, etc. all add to the wow factor of your concrete floors. Staining is created by a reaction between the concrete and the stain, it is not a coating, therefore can not be chipped or flaked!! Your design options with this product are only limited by your imagination, this is a perfect flooring solution for any; residential, commercial, or retail . Modern Concrete Designz has many stained concrete options to offer Little Rock, AR.
Interior acid stained
  Stamping Concrete is a process of either imprinting a texture or a pattern into the fresh concrete. Many looks can be achieved using this method from a slight natural stone texture to brick or stone patterns. Stamped concrete is usually used in an exterior setting, but can be used indoors as well. The stamped patterns create simulated patterns in the concrete such as; slate, granite, cobblestone, brick, and more. When it comes to stamped concrete in Little Rock, AR. and surrounding areas Modern Concrete Designz is very competitive with pricing and options available.
Stamped and Stained Patio
Concrete Resurfacing
   Do you realize just how much potential you have sitting in your old  grey concrete pool deck, driveway, or other surface? We can totally transform your concrete without having to remove it!!!! Whether you would like a traditional brick pattern to a custom colored flagstone look or even make your interior concrete surface look like new, to prepare for acid staining, our cement based polymer coating can transform your boring concrete into a work of art!!! Concrete resurfacing will totally transform your boring grey concrete into something people will talk about!!! Modern Concrete Designz has transformed many; pool decks, driveways, concrete floors, and more, in Little Rock, AR and surrounding areas with our concrete resurfacing.
Concrete Resurfacing can transform your existing concrete into anything you can imagine, call us for your concrete resurfacing project in Arkansas
Commercial, Retail, Industrial
   Modern Concrete Designz also offers a variety of options for the commercial or industrial application . We have many different epoxy and polysparatic coatings available that are made to withstand use and abuse. You will not find a tougher yet attractive coating out there. These coating are applied with minimal downtime . We also offer traditional stamped, patterned, and stained concrete for these applications, all covered with the most durable sealer on the market.
Reflector epoxy decorative concrete flooring is great for retail and commercial applications
Epoxy Coatings/Garage Floor Coatings
 Our epoxy coatings are the strongest and most durable in the market. These coating are perfect for garage floors, industrial surfaces, and so much more. These coatings are incredibly strong and are perfect for high traffic or harsh environments, without the worry of product failure. No need to worry about spilling harsh chemicals with these coatings!! We offer the most attractive and durable garage floor coatings in the Little Rock, AR. area.
we offer attractive and extremely durable garage floor coatings to central arkansas